Jan Club Winning Picture Senior

“Golden Lion” by Carolyn Greathead from PECC

Location Mashatu Botswana.

Image taken early one morning when tracking a pride of five Lions. They were in hunting mode interested in three Zebra grazing on an opposite hill.

Our Landcruiser held back in the bushes to avoid disturbing the planned attack. The lions split up and were stalking for close to an hour.

Fortunately for the Zebra they spotted the Lions and charged off!  We anticipated the lions would then head for the water so we positioned ourselves on the opposite side of the river and sure enough they all came to drink – 8am. 

This image was captured just before the reflections were disturbed by the movement.

I found them more interesting than the actual lions and cropped for impact.

Nikon D800
80-400mm f4.5-5.6VR Lens Hand held
370mm focal length
1024×762 cropped to 650×434



2013 01 Hein fotostrip