2015 Marike Bruwer Award Competition Results

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Marike Bruwer Award for Visual Art (Photography)

This award is in honour of Marike Bruwer who passed away on Freedom Day in 2006. She was an active PSSA member and director during her lifetime and held a FPSSA (Dux) honours with the Society. She played a major part in an alternative and conceptual view of photography and led the way for others. Those who knew her will remember how she progressed in her photography.


2015 Marike Bruwer Award Trophy Winner

Chris van der Merwe from National Photographic Club with “Metamorphosis”



2nd:  Jacqui Johnston from Knysna Photographic Society with “Shafts of the Wintry Sun”

Shafts of wintry sun 


3rd:  (Joint) Faith Botha from Hermanus Photographic Society with “Spring Dream”

 Spring Dream


3rd:  (Joint) HC du Plessis from Alberton Camera Club with “Togetherness”


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