Marike Bruwer Award Competition 2021 – Results

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2021 Results

Marike Bruwer Award for Visual Art (Photography)


Judges – Diane Skinner, Kim Stevens & Adri van Oudheusden

PSSA Silver Medal for the Winner

Rob Minter – Remembrance & Hope

MB 1 Remembrance and hope Rob Minter Winner

Judges’ Comments on the Winning Image

Diane Skinner:

Very effective, poignant and symbolic interpretation of what people all over the world are feeling right now – the lighting of a candle in memory of all who passed because of Covid while keeping our hopes up the vaccine will spare the rest of us. This fabulous image sums it all! Congratulations to the maker.

Kim Stevens

Relevant image with a poignant story to tell.
Cleverly conceived and well executed.
A message of hope in the time of crisis.

Adri van Oudheusden
It is wonderful to see an image that symbolises so many factors in our lives at this time. It is something different and out of the box. The composition works perfectly and close attention was paid to detail.


Certificate of Merit – Runner-Up
Charlaine Gerber – Trapped in a world that I never made

MB 2 Trapped in a world that I never made Charlaine Gerber 1st Runner Up


Certificate of Merit – 2nd Runner-Up
Stephen Burgstahler – Contrary

MB 3 Contrary Stephen Burgstahler 2nd Runner Up 


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