Marike Bruwer Award Competition 2019 – Results

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 2019 Results

Marike Bruwer Award for Visual Art (Photography)

Below are the three winning images for 2019 with a short comment of each judge.

The winner for 2019 is Michelle van Niekerk with her image “Scarlet Rose”.

The judges commented as follows:

Adri van Oudheusen:

The model’s expression matches the mood created in this image. All elements work well together. I love the feel of movement in the model’s hair and the tension created by the grungy background showing through in some areas.

Antenie Carstens

The image is well planned and the techniques that were used worked well. The warm colours really set the mood and the eye contact is important, just to make that personal connection with the viewer.

I am very happy with the judge’s decision and scoring for the winning image “Scarlet Rose”. Being the 10th year of this competition, this image is in a way a very symbolic image, depicting the model with a camera (as a recording device), just as Marike used to be involved in creative photography.


The first runner up is by Laetitia Kenny with “Made in Africa”.

Adri van Oudheusen:

There is an empathic relationship between the model and all other elements. The model’s pose adds another element to the image, that of the mystery that is Africa. The foreground adds movement. The “scratchy” sky area adds even more appeal.

Antenie Carstens

Made in Africa is well executed as a composite with lovely colours which set the mood and telling the African story. The handling of the light, the use of colours and the placing of the elements all work together to create a beautiful image.


The second runner up is Arlene Mullins with “The Caller”.


Adri van Oudheusden

A mysterious image that asks many questions. The model, placed in the middle, helps to strengthen the composition. The render to monochrome adds to the image’s appeal. The image could work even better in a square format

Antenie Carstens

The technique used in this image worked extremely well and was a favourite for many judges. The black and white treatment, the composition and the concept all worked well for all aspects to produce an image that tells a strong story.

Izak van Niekerk commented on all the images as follows:

The narrative of the top three images, as well as some of the other entries, was very clear. The viewers, could put their own interpretation to these images, and all would be different. Compositions were great with good balance. Postprocessing was extremely well handled. The simplicity and lack of colour in “The Caller” made this image special and very different with beautiful lines, shapes and textures. The entries were overall of a very good and high standard.


Congratulations to all and thank you for participating. Some members participated each and every year and it was always a pleasure to see each of you submitting images regularly.

This competition will most probably change format, but that must still be decided and finalised before announcing the change.

Trust to see all of you entering again in the near future.


10 October 2019


Regards, Antenie Carstens.