Honours Results July 2019

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Congratulations to all our new Honours Holders, your hard work has paid off and now you can use the Honours letters after your name with pride. The successful digital and prints applications are published alphabetically below.

The protocol for listing honours is that only the highest honour is listed and that it is only listed once, even if you have honours in multiple sections at the same or different levels. The same is true of the FIAP distinctions, you only list the highest. If however a (Vers) or (Dux) is achieved it would also be listed. 

Other than (Vers) and (Dux) You do not add anything after the letters, the Honour is for instance purely an APSSA and not an APSSA (Nature) or anything else. 

As the DPSSA and EPSSA are awarded for salon acceptances they are listed in addition to the LPSSA, APSSA or FPSSA, but once again only the highest one is listed.


For the Honours below you can click on the authors’ names (in green) to view their panels.

Once you see the panel, click on the first thumbnail and wait to watch the entire panel as a slideshow or click on each individual image and go at your own pace. 



Gerbus Vermaak Krugersdorp Camera Club


APSSA (Vers)

Gideon Botes Bloemfontein Kamerklub

Dudley Watson Sandton Photographic Society


Dudley Watson Sandton Photographic Society



Hein Beukes Beachcombers Photography Club
Xiaoyi Chen Sandton Photographic Society
Tokkie Labuschagne Magalies Foto Fun Club
Cornell Nortier Laeveld Fotografiese Klub
Hannes Rossouw National Photographic Club
Hanli Smit Edenvale Photographic Club
Gawie Wolmarans  Magalies Foto Fun Club



Dereck du Preez Southern Suburbs Camera Club
Dirk Heyns AFO Photography Club
Chris Joubert Southern Suburbs Camera Club
Alta Oosthuizen Pretoria Photographic Society
Paul van Helden National Photographic Club



Muriel Eddy Eden Photographic Society
Danie Ferreira Magalies FotoFun Club
Howard Gillitt Westville Camera Club
Phil Hall Randburg Photo Club
PJS Joubert Kriel Photo Club
Gert Kotze Ermelo Photographic Club
Erwin Kruger-Haye Tygerberg Photographic Society
Ian Taylor Hibiscus Coast
Elaine van der Toom George Camera Club
Michelle van Niekerk Heigel Fotoklub
Charmaine Venter Tafelberg Fotografieklub



David Barnes Tygerberg Photographic Society




Peter Hardcastle

Christo la Grange

Dewald Tromp

Francois Venter


Laetitia Kenny


Willem Kruger


 One point that is raised by many applicants is the difference between salon and honours results, with images that have done well on salons not always succeeding in honours applications.


In salons impact plays a big part because of the speed of judging and number of images that are judged in a short time.  It is also a competition and the images that do well are the best submitted as considered by three people.  As we have all experienced, the results vary considerably from salon to salon and this is because we all see things differently and a salon judge is merely being asked to give his or her opinion.


An honours application is not a competition but rather an examination and it is not enough to be better than the other entrants but you do need to fulfil the technical as well as the artistic requirements.  The honours judges spend an entire weekend judging the panels using a correctly calibrated system in order to give everyone a fair deal and despite what you may think, they do not immediately look at the negative technical aspects in order to fail a panel.


The converse is true, we would love to pass all the panels but when viewing and judging any image if there are technical problems that overpower the story and artistic side then unfortunately you won’t succeed.  The same is true when you add a filter, covert to monochrome or employ a different technique, it may have impact but unless it actually enhances the image it is unlikely to succeed in an honours application.


Our rules state that you may not use the same or similar images and while some of the images entered were not quite similar enough to be disqualified you are doing yourself a disfavour as they will be compared.  Entering a similar image in a higher application is also not a good idea as you do need to remember that it is not just an increase in the number of images that is required but also the quality and most of the time your photography has improved since your previous honours were awarded.


Honours requires a lot of hard work, both from the applicants and the hard working team of judges and back room workers, thank you to all of them.






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