Honours Results Jul 2021

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Congratulations to our latest Honours recipients, it is inspiring to see so much quality and variety.

A special congratulations to 6 successful applicants who achieved their LPSSAs in Colour on their first attempt – Christa Koekemoer, Jacques Kruger, Elizabeth Nicholson, Hardus Pieters, Pieter van der Merwe and Spokie van der Merwe, and to Ursula Baumann and Human Meyer who achieved their APSSAs in Mono on their first attempt.

While it is great to be successful on your first attempt there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a few attempts, it is worth your perseverance and hard work and something you can be very proud of when you do achieve your Honour.

Our thanks to the digital judges Martin Barber, Johan Brits, Evelyn Gibson, Laetitia Kenny, Koot Marais, Francois Roux, Kim Stevens and Francois van der Watt and to Jannie de Beer our computer wizz. The smaller panel of judges was used as they met live in Vanderbijlpark and strict Covid precautions were taken.

Thank you also to our team of Audio Visual judges who judged remotely Chris Daly, Paul Rixom, Francois Roux, Jill Sneesby, Johann van der Walt, Adri van Oudheusden & Friso Woudstra.

Kind Regards


List of successful authors
Scroll down to view the panels of images below this list of successful authors.

Michael Feistel    Southern Suburbs Camera Club      LPSSA Colour                                                                                              
Kirsty HoSandton Photographic SocietyLPSSA Colour 
Joey JamesSouthern Suburbs Camera Club LPSSA Colour 
Christa Koekemoer                  Harties Fotografie StudiegroepLPSSA Colour 
Jacques Kruger Ermelo Foto KlubLPSSA Colour 
Elizabeth NicholsonEden Photographic SocietyLPSSA Colour 
Simone OsborneSandton Photographic SocietyLPSSA Colour 
Leon PelserSasol Highveld Photography ClubLPSSA Colour 
Hardus PietersErmelo Foto KlubLPSSA Colour 
Bertie PriceMaritzburg Camera ClubLPSSA Colour 
Tallies TaljaardKriel Foto ClubLPSSA Colour 
Christine TheronAmber Camera Club LPSSA Mono 
Pieter van der MerweCarolina Camera ClubLPSSA Colour 
Spokie van der MerweKriel Foto ClubLPSSA Colour 
Heepko van KaamKrugersdorp Camera ClubLPSSA Mono                                                    
Romien Wait Laeveld Fotografiese KlubLPSSA Colour 
Leon JacobsVereeniging Photographic SocietyLPSSA (Vers) 
Ursula BaumannVereeniging Photographic SocietyAPSSA Mono 
Verinda BoschEden Photographic SocietyAPSSA Mono 
Gerrie BothaRustenburg Photographic SocietyAPSSA Colour 
Shirley GillittWestville Camera Club  APSSA Colour 
Gaby GrohovazCamera Club of JohannesburgAPSSA Mono 
Phil HallRandburg Photo Club APSSA Colour 
Hennie LouwBosveld Fotografie KlubAPSSA Colour 
John MillsSouthern Suburbs Camera Club APSSA Colour 
Human Meyer Laeveld Fotografiese KlubAPSSA Mono 
Brendon Muller Bloemfontein KameraklubAPSSA Colour 
Danie Smit Sasol Highveld Photography ClubAPSSA Colour 
Danie Smit Sasol Highveld Photography ClubAPSSA Mono 
Phil SturgessHermanus Photographic SocietyAPSSA Colour 
Jaco du ToitImagelink Virtual ClubFPSSA Colour 
Koos FourieVanderbijlpark Fotografiese VerenigingFPSSA Colour 


Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge these panels, arranged alphabetically by surname


Michael Feistel – Southern Suburbs Camera Club – LPSSA Colour

Kirsty Ho – Sandton Photographic Society – LPSSA Colour

Joey James – Southern Suburbs Camera Club – LPSSA Colour

Christa Koekemoer – Harties Fotografie Studiegroep – LPSSA Colour

Jacques Kruger – Ermelo Foto Klub – LPSSA Colour

Elizabeth Nicholson – Eden Photographic Society – LPSSA Colour

Simone Osborne – Sandton Photographic Society – LPSSA Colour

Leon Pelser – Sasol Highveld Photography Club – LPSSA Colour

Hardus Pieters – Ermelo Foto Klub – LPSSA Colour

Bertie Price – Maritzburg Camera Club – LPSSA Colour

Tallies Taljaard – Kriel Foto Club – LPSSA Colour

Christine Theron – Amber Camera Club – LPSSA Mono

Pieter van der Merwe – Carolina Camera Club – LPSSA Colour

Spokie van der Merwe – Kriel Foto Club – LPSSA Colour

Romien Wait – Laeveld Fotografiese Klub – LPSSA Colour

Heepko van Kaam – Krugersdorp Camera Club – LPSSA Mono


Ursula Baumann – Vereeniging Photographic Society – APSSA Mono

Verinda Bosch – Eden Photographic Society – APSSA Mono

Gerrie Botha – Rustenburg Photographic Society – APSSA Colour

Shirley Gillitt – Westville Camera Club – APSSA Colour

Gaby Grohovaz – Camera Club of Johannesburg – APSSA Mono

Phil Hall – Randburg Photo Club – APSSA Colour

Hennie Louw – Bosveld Fotografie Klub – APSSA Colour

John Mills – Southern Suburbs Camera Club – APSSA Colour

Human Meyer – Laeveld Fotografiese Klub – APSSA Mono

Brendon Muller – Bloemfontein Kameraklub – APSSA Colour

Danie Smit – Sasol Highveld Photography Club – APSSA Colour

Phil Sturgess – Hermanus Photographic Society – APSSA Colour


Jaco du Toit – Imagelink Virtual Club – FPSSA Colour

Koos Fourie – Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging – FPSSA Colour

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