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Please email the Webmaster to have your articles, banners for advertisements or images published on the web site.

Sizes for BANNERS for the PSSA Home Page

If you want to make a banner to advertise, say a competition or event, you must include the closing date of the competition on the banner, please.  The words “CLICK HERE” also draws attention as some users still don’t know that they need to click on a banner to see more, so make sure you include it if there is something to be included.

Keep fonts simple – Arial works well, and in line with the suggested sizing below to make it easy to read.

Option 1 – A long rectangular banner, as wide as the page, just below the three monthly competition winners:
1920 pixels wide by 200 – 300 pixels high and there is only space for one of those at a time on the home page, before they drop lower down and become smaller and often, illegible, so be mindful of that.

Option 2 – A shorter, rectangular banner to the right of Handy Links on the home page:
1400 pixels wide by no more than 250 pixels (or less) high.

Option 3 – A smaller square banner:
600 pixels wide by 600 high, i.e. a square block

Option 4 – A small rectangular banner similar to the orange Impala Trophy banner on the home page:
600 pixels wide by 300 pixels high

If you are not affiliated with the PSSA and you want to advertise a competition or event on this web site, please contact our PRO, Evelyn Gibson at evelyng@mwebbiz.co.za

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