Honours Results Jan 2013


The successful honours panels of all the January 2013 honours applications have been published. 

Congratulations to all!


Comments from members of the newly elected Honours Judging panel


I feel very positive about the new judging format as this is a huge improvement on the previous system.  The new electronic scoring boxes enabled us to view the scores immediately.  When an image or a panel failed by one credit the image was viewed again and judges could speak out for or against the image.  This system generally worked in favour of the applicant.

To the authors who were successful, congratulations on a job well done. To the unsuccessful authors here are some suggestions:


  • Check the calibration of you monitors. Make sure that your images are sharp but not sharpened so much that there are halos.
  • View your images at 100% before making your final submission. Think about how you put the panel together.
  • Keep vertical images together and horizontal images together. Group images from  the same genre.
  • Your borders should be narrow, unobtrusive and consistent so that the panel hangs together as a unit.


When applying for honours in monochrome ask yourself  ” Does the conversion to monochrome really improve the image or is it better in colour?”


  Laetitia Kenny




I must admit that I approached the honours judging with some trepidation as I wondered how twelve people with different personalities (and ARE they different) will work to together.  I was however surprised with the synergy in the group; not because everyone has now conformed to some predetermined mould, but because there was so much common ground. Common ground as far as striving to be fair to applicants, respect for the PSSA by setting an acceptable standard, a lack of ulterior motives, and last but not least; an undeniable passion for photography!


Koot Marais  Koot Marais

List of successful applicants:

While browsing their panels you may notice that some include both Monochrome and Colour images which according to the latest Honours manual is not permitted.  The ruling is correct and is a new one only brought in during 2012 which means that any panels already in the system did not have to abide by the new rules.  The new rules were brought in because we added Monochrome as an additional medium in which Honours could be applied for.

Below, click on the author’s name to view his/her panel.

LPSSA – Colour Digital

Alice Gundry
Bernard Richard (HD) (successful on 1st attempt)
Carolyn Greathead

Christo Schutte (successful on 1st attempt)
Eddie Everson
Eric Rautenbach

Etienne Burger
Francois Potgieter
Marna van der Walt
Pierre Jordaan
Rudolph Hiemstra (successful on 1st attempt)
Tania Cholwich (successful on 1st attempt)
Treunicht du Toit

LPSSA – Mono Digital

June Fincham

APSSA – Audio-Visual

Ryno Oosthuizen

APSSA – Colour Digital

Charles Kok
Hannes Buys
Koos Fourie
Mariette du Buson
Mariluo Manning
Percy Mitchell
Reiner Burk
Roger Lee
Stanwell Slater
Willem Smith

FPSSA – Colour Slides (this is the last time this category will be judged)

Henning Blignaut
Geoff Ortlepp

FPSSA – Colour Digital

GB Jordaan (successful on 1st attempt)
John Grosse
Henning de Beer

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