Calendar & Results for year ending June 2023

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Results for the year ending June 2022 and earlier can be found under the SALON tab/Past Salon Calendar & Results

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As of 1st January 2022, the Salon Director will always request the original RAW file(s) with the EXIF data intact from those Entrants who have been initially selected for the Medals and COMs in the “NO MANIPULATION” categories. 

When requested for your RAW images a maximum of 4 days turnaround time will be the time limit to get them to the Salon Directors.

If the Salon Director confirms that the image has not been manipulated, then the award will stand for those Entrants.

If the Salon Director confirms that an image has been manipulated, then the image will be disqualified and a note recorded for the PSSA Salon Administrator of the disqualification reason.

The PSSA Salon Administrator will keep a list of transgressors which will be reviewed by the PSSA Salon Committee on a regular basis.  Persistent transgressors will be notified of their transgressions as well as possible embargoes imposed on the transgressor.

The Salon Director and the judging team for that category will decide on the replacement images for the Medals and COMs in line with the recommended acceptance levels.