Cape Photographers History and past congresses

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History of Cape Photographers

Photography and photographers in different areas are vastly different and it had long been felt that PSSA (the governing body of non-professional photography in South Africa) was dominated by styles and ideas from the stronger Gauteng area.

While there were many photographers in the Cape provinces, their voice was seldom heard and when it was, it was only that of individuals and as such bore little or no weight.

It was decided then to follow the example of regions such as the Free State and Natal and to form a group of “Cape Photographers” so that, when necessary, we could put forward an opinion based on all our views which would bear far more weight that that of a few individuals.

And so the Cape Photographers was born in Calitzdorp on 21 March 1999. Acknowledgement must be given to Bridgette Pacey-Tootell and the late Ozzie Radford for arranging the founding congress.

In addition to the united voice it was also intended that the Cape Photographers should get together from time to time and offer workshops, exhibitions etc. to promote photography in the Cape provinces.

An annual “Cape Photographers” congress would be held in a different small town each year where an interchange of ideas could take place.

While the Cape Photographers was introduced to give photographers from all regions of the Cape a voice, it is an independently run organisation and members do not have to belong to either a club or PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa).

The main event on the programme is the annual congress, which is held in a different town each year and hosted by a club or group of photographers. Wherever possible a small town with photographic potential is chosen.

Jill Sneesby was elected as the first Chairperson in 1999 and Roel van Oudheusden was elected as Treasurer.

In 2010 the committee was restructured and is now made up of a Chairman (the chairperson of the forthcoming congress), a Vice Chairman (the chairperson of the immediate past congress), a Treasurer and the respective PSSA regional directors of the region.

The 2020 Management Committee is:
Chairman – Charmaine Joubert – St Francis 2020 Chair and PSSA regional director, Eastern Cape
Nicol du Toit – PSSA regional director, Western Cape 
Ex-officio –PaulRixom (PrinceAlbert 2018)
Roel van Oudheusden – Treasurer
Matty Grobler – Secretary (George)


Past Congresses hosted by CAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS and their Convenors:

(Click on links for programmes and other information of past congresses)

1999 – Calitzdorp – Bridgette Pacey-Tootell and Ozzie Radford

2000 – Sedgefield – Roel van Oudheusden Programme  Lecturers

2001 – De Rust – Ute Alexander Programme

2002 – Swellendam – Pierre van den Berg Programme 

2002 – Graaff-Reinet – PSSA National Congress – Jill Sneesby Congress and other photos

2003 – Natures Valley – Elaine Whitcher

2003 – De Doorns – PSSA AV Convention – Thomas Niemeyer

2004 – Hogsback – Terry Smit (included the PSSA AV Convention – Thomas Niemeyer) Programme Page 1 Page 2

2005 – De Doorns – David Ireland Programme and covering letter

2006 – Calitzdorp – Frans Noltee (included the PSSA AV Convention – Thomas Niemeyer) Programme

2006 – Velddrift – PSSA National & Wildlife Convention – Jill Sneesby Preliminary ProgrammeCongress programme and guide to outings

2007 – De Doorns – Jill Sneesby (included the PSSA AV Convention – Thomas Niemeyer) Programme Congress Photo

2008 – Nieu Bethesda – Elaine Whitcher Programme

2009 – Hermanus – PSSA National Congress – Ronnie Hazell Programme Highlights Congress Photo

2009 – Tsitsikamma – Tillie Nel Programme

2010 – Struisbaai – Neels Beyers Programme

2011 – Addo – Jill Sneesby Programme

2012 – Victoria West – PSSA National AV Convention – Paul Rixom & Thomas Niemeyer Programme

2012 – Langebaan combined with PSSA National Congress – Johan Kloppers Programme

2013 – Barkly East – Frank Smith Programme Headlines in the newspaper

2014 – De Rust – Paul Rixom (includes the PSSA AV Convention) Programme

2015 – Swellendam – PSSA National Congress – Paul Rixom Programme

2016 – Prince Albert – Paul Rixom (includes the PSSA AV Convention) Programme

2017 – Hogsback – Terry Smit Programme

2018 – Prince Albert – Paul Rixom (includes the PSSA AV Convention) Programme

2019 – Montagu Congress – Nicol du Toit Programme, Programme & Workshops

2020 – St Francis – Charmaine Joubert (Due to Covid postponed to 2021)

2021 – St Francis – Charmaine Joubert (Cancelled due to Covid)

2022 – PSSA National Congress Greyton arranged by Wester Cape Photographic Forum – Nicol du Toit