Common Salon Errors

It would appear that in the current digital age where everybody knows everything and works twice as fast as yesterday, the ability to read has deteriorated. We read more and faster but comprehend less.

A typical consequence of this is that competition rules are not followed because they were not read to comprehend and ‘assumed’ to be ‘the usual’.

Does this then explain why so many entries get disqualified because they were entered in the wrong category or were not allowed in terms of the salon category definition? Please take greater care when finalising your salon entry that you have met all criteria, perhaps draw up a checklist again.

We need your cooperation specifically to comply with the following:

• An image may only be used once in the salon irrespective of the category or of the image being in colour or monochrome. No similar images may be used.

• Each image must have a unique name i.e. the name of an image must not be changed at any time as acceptances are based on the image name.

• No images that were accepted by any of the past (name of salon) salons may be entered again.

Please apply some system to your salon entries and keep track of what was entered where and when. The onus is on you and not on the salon or on the Society.

An image cannot be entered in colour and in monochrome whether it is for an honours application or a salon. Please scrutinise your records and if this scenario applies to you, decide which of the two versions of that image will be retired.