• The 2024/25 PSSA financial year commences on 1 July 2024. You can renew your membership fees anytime now.
  • You can only renew your membership if your current membership is Active.  If your membership was suspended because you decided not to renew at the time but want to rejoin now, you need to apply for membership again.   Click here to apply.
  • If you renew your PSSA membership before 30 June 2024, you qualify for 20% discount if you are 65 years and older and 10% if you are younger than 65.
  • If you fail to pay your membership fees by 31 August 2023, your membership will be Suspended and there will be a R100 penalty fee to rejoin during September 2024.
  • If you want to rejoin PSSA later than September 2024, you will have to pay the entry fee again.
  • We would very much like to keep you as a PSSA member, so please try to pay your membership fees by no later than 30 June 2024 so that you qualify for the discount.
  • Scroll down on this page for PSSA’s bank details. Send your proof of payment to Ria Katzke.
Type of Membership
Payment BEFORE
30 June 2024
65 years and older
(fees below are already
discounted by 20%)
Payment BEFORE
30 June 2024
(fees below are already
discounted by 10%)
 Payment AFTER
30 June 2024
Ordinary Membership Fee South African
 R384 R432R480
Joint Ordinary Membership Fee South African (eg husband and wife)
Ordinary Membership Fee International
 R586 R659R732
Joint Ordinary Membership Fee International (eg husband and wife)  R672R756R840
Juniors (up to 19 years of age) –R108R120
Juniors (older than 19 and under 21 years of age) and Students R202R224


Payment via PSSA Bank account (South African & International renewals)

Your fees may be deposited into the Society’s Bank Account, then email your payment receipt to membership@pssa.co.za


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4052639245
BRANCH CODE: 630-137
REFERENCE ON PAYMENT: Your Name & Surname, please

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