2019 May Certificates of Excellence

We take pleasure in congratulating the following successful learners in obtaining their Certificates of Excellence:

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Anjeliett Hunt – Colour Panel – Merit

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Anjeliett Hunt{/gallery}

Ben Delport – Colour Panel – Merit

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Ben Delport{/gallery}

Benjamin Chamberlain – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Benjamin Chamberlain{/gallery}

Bheeka Shanil – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Bheeka Shanil{/gallery}

Bowes Esme – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Bowes Esme{/gallery}

Chad Gaddie – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Chad Gaddie{/gallery}

Chane Gambold – Colour Panel – Distinction

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Chane Gambold{/gallery}

Christiaan Ross – Junior Mixed Panel – Merit

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Christiaan Ross{/gallery}

Corne Lombard – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Corne Lombard{/gallery}

Hanando Hunt – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Hanando Hunt{/gallery}

Hannah Le Roux – Junior Mixed Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Hannah Le Roux{/gallery}

Joline Potgieter – Junior Mixed Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Joline Potgieter{/gallery}

Kaitlin Le Roux – Junior Mixed Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Kaitlin Le Roux{/gallery}

Len Dames – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Len Dames{/gallery}

Marco Ras – Junior Mixed Panel – Merit

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Marco Ras{/gallery}

Martin Walters – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Martin Walters{/gallery}

Maryke Wessels – Senior Mixed Panel – Distinction

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Maryke Wessels{/gallery}

Rahul Parbhoo – Colour Panel – COE

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Rahul Parbhoo{/gallery}

Reghardt Momberg – Junior Mixed Panel – Merit

{gallery}galleries/coe/2019/201905/Reghardt Momberg{/gallery}