Honours Results Jun 2015


Herewith the results of the June 2015 Honours judging session.  Congratulations to all the successful authors!

Honours Judging feedback     

We are always asked – does anyone ever make it first time round – and the answer is – yes they do. It is not easy and does require hard work and commitment and plenty of good images to choose from. This time 4 of the 13 successful LPSSA panels made it on the first attempt – congratulations to Luana Laubscher in AV, Verinda Bosch, Gerrie Labuschagne & Trippie Visser who achieved theirs in Digital.

One of the problems we all have is selecting our best images. Certain images have special appeal to the photographer because of the circumstances under which they were taken, if this appeal or mood does not carry through to the viewer then your image will probably not do as well as you thought it should.

Try to put your feelings to one side and assess your images critically – you need to look at the elements of composition, the lighting, the exposure, the story, the mood, the subject matter, the post processing etc – the judges are looking at all of these when assessing your application. Also look at successful panels on the website and try to see why those images succeeded and yours didn’t.

Remember that your images are being viewed as a part of a panel and it is your choice as to the order in which they are viewed. If you put a bright image immediately after a dark one or vice versa it is not likely to do as well as it could have done in a different position in the panel. Also be careful of repetition, if you don’t have enough images be patient and wait until you do.

Credits are given for a reason – look at them and make sure that when you submit a new panel that your new images are at least equal to the standard of your credits and once again be careful of repetition.

Too much too soon – The rules don’t allow you to apply for more than one in the same medium at the same time i.e. you can’t put in two colour panels, regardless of whether one is HD and the other not. While they do allow you to submit a mono and a colour panel at the same time it really isn’t a good idea – rather concentrate on one application at a time and mono workers don’t forget that Mono is not just a conversion from colour to Black and White, it is an art form of its own.

The same is true of prints, the print quality and technique are equally important, so don’t let your print quality let you down.

I know that some applicants are going to be very disappointed that they did not receive the minimum required to continue – this is not something we do just for the sake of it. If you don’t succeed in getting the minimum number required the first time round what are the real possibilities of your succeeding in the following 3 attempts seeing that you presumably submitted your best images for your first application.

Stand back, reconsider, find out where you went wrong and how you can improve. Very brief comments are given as feedback but it is not always easy to interpret these comments – what for instance does it mean when the judges comment is “Subject Matter”??

OK, so something is wrong with the subject matter – but what? It could be that the elements in the photograph are not well combined, or not very interesting – this is where you need to start looking and if you aren’t sure then do feel free to ask. You may have done well in the club with that image and even on salons but in the context of an honours panel have you gone beyond just a good record shot.

Remember this is an honours application – so you do need to push your photography to the next level if you want to succeed.

Do persevere, it is worth the effort!



Click here to download the list of successful Honours authors 


Below you can click on the authors’ names (in green) to view their panels.

Once you see the panel, click on the first thumbnail and wait to watch the entire panel as a slideshow or click on each individual image and go at your own pace.


Gonnie Myburgh – National Photographic Club
Johan Brits – Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging

APSSA Colour

Carin du Bois – Nelspruit Photographic Society
Cassie du Plessis – Bloemfontein Camera Club
Kobus Bezuidenhout – SAVAS
Leon Pelser – Highveld Photography Club
Rob Hart – Maritzburg Camera Club
Rosa van Schalkwyk – Ermelo Fotoklub


Heidi Smallwood – Durban Camera Club

LPSSA Audio Visual

Luana Laubscher – Knysna Photographic Society

LPSSA Colour

Celia Fouche – Tafelberg Fotografieklub
Gerrie Labuschagne – Vereeniging Fotografiese Vereniging
Haig Fourie – Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging
Hanli Smit – Edenvale Camera Club
Llewellyn Louw – Centurion Camera Club
Peter Cairncross – National Photographic Club
Verinda Bosch – Eden Photographic Society


Louis Lotter – National Photographic Club
Trippie Visser – AFO Fotografieklub


Celia Fouche – Tafelberg Fotografieklub
Hanli Smit – Edenvale Camera Club
Johan Steyn – AFO Fotografieklub

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