PSA Youth Showcase 2017

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) each year presents a Youth Showcase where school children from countries all over the world compete against each other in a salon. There are cash prizes available as well as the publication of winning images in the PSA journal. South Africa was represented by schools from Pretoria and Johannesburg in 2017.

The students were up against some great images from all over the world, especially in the color choice area.  All combined, the award/acceptance rate was 27%.  The competition had a total of 966 entries.


Results received:


Mono Choice

SAY AGAIN                             Pg Coetzer                              1st Place         Mono Choice               Zwartkops High (Pretoria)

FLEUR                                     Elizabeth Meyer                      3rd Place         Mono Choice               Rand Park High (JHB)

ROSE SCENTS                       Monique Nieuwenhuizen        Accepted         Mono Choice               Rand Park High (JHB)

LION                                        Taahir Makda                          Accepted         Mono Choice               King Edward VII School (JHB)

WALKING ELEPHANT             Oliver Yates                           Accepted         Mono Choice               Parktown Boys High (JHB)



HANDS UP                               Jamie Thomas                         3rd Place         P/A                              King Edward VII School (JHB


Color Choice

HOTSTUFF                              Jared Fermor                           HM                   Color Choice               Rand Park High (JHB)

HANGING TREE                      Yaseen Bhabha                       HM                   Color Choice               King Edward VII School (JHB)

BREAK DANCING                    Tertius Kotze                           HM                   Color Choice               Eldoraigne High (Pretoria)

THE OLD SENTINEL               Keanu Fernandez                    Accepted         Color Choice               Parktown Boys High (JHB)



YOUTH OF TODAY                 Tertius Kotze                           Accepted         PJ                                Eldoraigne High (Pretoria)

SWIMMING THE MILE             Rahul Parbhoo                       Accepted         PJ                                King Edward VII School (JHB)

KING CHIEF                             Cari Dykema                          Accepted         PJ                                HomeSchooled (PTA)

TAKING IT IN YOUR STRIDE  Shiann Nock                           Accepted         PJ                                Rand Park High (JHB)



TRANQUILITY                         Morgan Kearsey                       Accepted         Scape                          Rand Park High (JHB)



DAMASK ELEGANCE              Keanu Fernandez                    Accepted         Architecture                 Parktown Boys High (JHB) 

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