Certificates of Excellence – HOW IT WORKS


Applications for COEs take place twice a year:

Dates for 2022 are as follows-

Friday 6 May 2022
Friday 2 September 2022


The PSSA Youth Division includes any member from PSSA clubs and school clubs under the age of 19.

In order to recognize photographic skill in this division PSSA offers the COE awards – Certificate of Excellence.

COE Panel requirements
Applications are made by submitting 10 digital files in HD format (1920px on horizontal axis and 1080 px on vertical axis). The maximum files size is 2mb.

Junior (Primary School)
Mixed Panel – 10 images (Colour and/or Monochrome)

Senior (High School and Tertiary – under age of 19)
Mixed Panel – 5 mono plus 5 colour images
Colour Panel – 10 colour images
Specialist Panel – 10 images (Colour and/or Monochrome)
Monochrome Panel – 10 monochrome images

A certificate and a badge* are awarded to successful applicants at a Pass, Merit or Distinction standard.

COE Versatile Award (Vers.)

Applicants may work towards a COE Vers. award by completing three successful COE panels. The rules of a COE Vers. is as follows:
*  A COE Vers. will not be awarded at a Merit or Distinction level.  A COE Vers. will be awarded irrespective of the level at which the three individual COEs were awarded.
*  An applicant will receive a COE Vers. certificate on the successful completion of his/her third COE.  No PSSA badge is issued for a COE Vers.
*  The applicant does not have to apply for a COE Vers. It is automatically awarded on the successful completion of the third COE.
*  All three panels have to be completed in the age and schooling timeframes specified in the basic rules of the COE.
*  An applicant cannot apply for more than one COE in a specific judging session.

The three successful panels have to cover one of the following combinations:

*  Color, Mono, Specialist;
*  Mixed, Mono, Specialist;
*  Color, Specialist, Specialist (different from first specialization);
*  Mono, Specialist, Specialist (different from first specialization);
*  Mixed, Specialist, Specialist (different from first specialization)


Payment details

The COE application fee is R100-00 per application. No fees are payable for the COE Vers.

Payment must be made using the applicant’s name as reference into –

 Account name:PSSA
 Banking Details:ABSA 
 Account Number:4052639245
 Branch Code:630-137

 * Non-PSSA members are required to order and pay an additional R100 for the badge.

Entry is by means of Photovault – http://www.photovaultonline.com.

Applications may be made twice a year as per the dates at the top of this page.

Should you wish to contact me, I can be reached here on e-mail or on cell phone (084 442 4442)

Anton la Grange
PSSA Director: Youth Division 

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