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I am a Cape Town based professional photographer, whose interest in photography was sparked off at an early age while completing a school project to build a pin-hole camera and to develop and print the results in a home-made darkroom.

Although I studied and qualified as a civil engineer in the early 1980s, I never went far without a camera of some sort. From cheap disposables, to 35mm SLRs and then to medium format, I have experimented with a large range of equipment and styles. While I do have a considerable amount of studio experience shooting portraits, still-life and close-up macro images, my love of nature and the outdoors saw me moving towards and specialising in architectural and fine-art landscape photography.

For the past ten years, I have taken great pleasure in exploring and photographing every corner of my home town and province. For me there is no better feeling than discovering another beautiful location, waking up and getting out before the first light of dawn, and then being ready and in position to capture a compelling composition in the best possible light. The thrill of pressing the camera’s shutter when all the conditions are absolutely perfect is something that is very difficult for me to describe in words. These are the moments that make me feel completely alive.

When it comes to photography, I am a perfectionist. I am extremely critical of my own images, and am always acutely aware when I have captured a scene in a less-than-perfect way. My personal goal is to continue to improve my techniques with every photograph I take, and I will return to the same location again and again, until I am completely certain that all the elements have worked in my favour, and that I have produced an image that cannot be improved upon.

My primary motivation for photographing beautiful landscapes is to share my emotions, experiences, locations and techniques with other like-minded photographers. This passion for finding and capturing the most picturesque locations and for sharing my photographic experiences has prompted me to organise and host a number of photographic exhibitions, workshops and tours, both locally and internationally. My images have won numerous competitions and awards and have been published on calendars, in magazines and as book covers. I continue to sell my work through fine-art photography web-sites and as stock
images to international libraries like Getty Images.

My favourite quote is one from Art Buchwald – “The best things in life aren’t things”.

Composition guide for landscape photography – Everything that you need to know to allow you to capture the strongest possible compositions in your landscape photographs.



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