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Joe Lategan has been capturing images of the beauty of Southern Africa since 1986 with sustainability at the core of everything he lays his hands on. Besides having a photographic gallery situated in the “World’s greatest biosphere” or Floral kingdom at the entrance to ‘World most scenic route’ and selling fine art images Internationally, Joe uses photography overwhelmingly as a inspirational tool and maintains that a single image is as valuable as the best and most expensive medication, many months of psychotherapy, and as good inspiration as the world’s best motivational speaker. He specializes on the spiritual meaning of photography and have inspired many beginners and advanced photographers as to the meaning of photography in their lives and those that are inspired by their photography. To this end he hosts shows and individual mentoring that explains the stories behind the images as well as spiritual, motivational and conservation lectures on aspects that present themselves in the different images.

Joe has concentrated on the business side especially marketing and sales of images and the unwritten science behind that what makes an image sell as well.

Further he also coaches on the impact images have on others in a one on one (never large groups) and also how to use the “Systems approach” to grow photographers. From taking pictures to Multimedia. Further Joe assists photographers that want to make the move into professional photography as well as professional outdoor photographers that need to improve sales.

Joe will also be speaking about this at the conference.

Further Joe has been involved in various conservation projects from cycads to fresh water and salt water fish over the past two decades. He has the oldest Wilderness raft fly fishing company as well as a Seafood restaurant called “KabelJoe’s” that has recently been selected as the pilot restaurant partner by the WWF to launch a national program to improve small scale fisheries in the Country. He also own and run “CatfishJoe productions” that specialises in multimedia including corporate photography, wildlife filming, web design and publishing amongst others. Joe have also been involved in various facets of tourism for over two decades and are currently driving the Strategic planning, branding and Community involvement for the Tourism area he operates in.

Joe also produced and hosted the country’s first all round travel fishing TV show on DSTV and produced a coffee table book on his travels in Southern Africa.

Joe will be speaking about:

1. Why are we photographers?

2. Where to from here? . How to use the “systems approach” to help you grow as a photographer and help you decide what images sells and how to ultimately make money with your images or inspire others.


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