Eric Thorburn

Eric Thorburn

Eric Thorburn AV-LPSSA, APSSA

In the 50’s I joined the JPS where I dabbled in colour and monochrome prints, and still remember the all-pervasive smell of those chemicals in my darkroom. However, it was cine’ which captivated me – to record action and emotion, and marry them with voice and sound, opened up a whole new world for me to explore. I was one of the first producers to include Macro in his footage. These gained me both an APSSA and an ARPS.

The dawn of Digital heralded the death of film – but the quality at that stage was abysmal – so I turned to new avenues. I became involved in script-writing for several film companies, where my medical and dental background found a niche in educational films, in Biology and Preventative Dentistry. Regarding the latter, I scripted and helped produce a series of 45 weekly episodes as the “TV Dentist” for SABC.

I entered the AV genre when I scripted a medical AV for the launch of a new drug for Ciba-Geigy. I was being stimulated and having fun.  More recently I bought my first digital DSLR and started learning Photoshop. However, with due respect, I tired of chasing “Golds” at the Club

In my retirement, my wife and I travel a lot, especially to the more wild and remote places in our wonderful country. A new window opened, and I began writing travel articles, illustrated with my own images. This chapter in my life has been very stimulating, and rewarded me with another APSSA, this time in Photojournalism.  From here natural progression has led to concentrating on Audiovisuals.

For me, photography is much more than just one good image – with AV I can tell stories !  We are spoilt with supporting software, which helps us immensely, and I have managed to climb another rung, and recently achieved an LPSSA in this medium. I do not intend to stop there. Joining this panel, I am honoured to be able to contribute in some way towards the ideals of PSSA.

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