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DPSSA honours are awarded for achievement by PSSA members in South African and International Salons as per the Rules (see rules under the Salons>Diamond Ratings DPSSA, EPSSA tab)

They are awarded as follows –


125 acceptances
250 acceptances

A Vers is awarded for any of the above honours when that honour has been granted for the 3 different categories i.e. Nature, Open and Mono.

For example:  a DPSSA achieved in Nature, Open and Mono will be a DPSSA(Vers)

Another example:  a DPSSA(Cls) achieved in Nature, Open and Mono will be a DPSSA(Cls-Vers)

Read here for EPSSA

January 2024

Nicol du Toit – DPSSA(Cls)

February 2024

Cathy Dooley DPSSA Mono
Cathy Dooley DPSSA(Cls) Open

March 2024

Riaan van den Berg DPSSA Mono
Riaan van den Berg DPSSA(Cls) Open
Riaan van den Berg DPSSA(Vers)
Elzabe Bogenhofer DPSSA Nature
Koos Marais DPSSA Nature
Trippie Visser DPSSA Open
Henning de Beer DPSSA Nature
Ona Ackermann DPSSA Open
Johan Steyn DPSSA(Cls) Open
Johan Steyn DPSSA Nature
Johan Steyn DPSSA Mono
Johan Steyn DPSSA(Vers)
Johan Mader DPSSA Nature
Carien Kruger DPSSA Open
Louise Jackson DPSSA Nature
Louise Jackson DPSSA Open
Hennie Louw DPSSA Mono
Sandrie de Wet DPSSA Nature
Sandrie de Wet DPSSA Open
Cynthia Uren DPSSA Open
Hannes van den Berg Nature

April 2024

David Wickham DPSSA Open
Coralie Fourie DPSSA Open
Coralie Fourie DPSSA Mono
Mia Joubert DPSSA Open
Mariana Visser DPSSA Mono
Niel Lombaard DPSSA Open
Niel Lombaard DPSSA Mono

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