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Marike Bruwer Award for Visual Art (Photography)

This award is in honour of Marike Bruwer who passed away on Freedom Day in 2006. She was an active PSSA member and director during her lifetime and held a FPSSA (Dux) honours with the Society. She played a major part in an alternative and conceptual view of photography and led the way for others. Those who knew her will remember how she progressed in her photography.



  • Images have to communicate a personal statement about the subject, conveying a mood, emotion or other meaning which goes beyond that of an objective record. NOTE: The often unjustified use of filters in image editing software does not necessarily create a visual art image automatically and is no guarantee for success, so be careful when applying filters of this nature.

    The visual art movement originated from photography and uses the medium of photography, its various approaches and philosophies to create a more interpretive approach to photography itself. The photographic techniques, materials and processes still dominate the final image.  Photographers are encouraged to explore the photographic medium and use it to communicate their own personal vision incorporating feeling, senses and imagination to the viewer. The photography is not restricted in any way, neither in subject matter or manipulation during the taking or reproduction stages of the photography.

    To check again if you're on track with the interpretation:

  • image should communicate a personal statement
  • image should convey a mood, an emotion etc
  • emphasis on creativity, imagination



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