We take pleasure in congratulating the following successful learners:

Primary School - Junior COE

    Joaquim Geraldes - Distinction - St Dominics, Welkom Primary School

    Jaden van der Merwe - Distinction - St Andrews, Welkom Primary School

High School - Senior COE

    George Bowmaker-Falconer - Distinction - Pretoria Boys High

    Samuel Cohen - Pretoria Boys High

    Mieke Lagendyk - Distinction - St Andrews, Welkom High School

    Werner Reyneke - Pretoria Boys High


Their successful panels can be viewed below:  Click on the images to enlarge them.


Junior COE

Joaquim Geraldes (Distinction)

Jaden van der Merwe (Distinction)

Senior COE

George Bowmaker-Falconer (Distinction)

Samuel Cohen


Mieke Lagendyk (Distinction)


Werner Reynecke