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“Dance Moods” by Ronel Broderick from Alberton Camera Club

This dancer is one of Sylvia’s Dance Studio in Rustenburg.  Every second year she presents a Dance Production on stage with different themes. I was once again asked to cover this event for her where one needs to attend most rehearsals to be sure you know all the movements and work out what needs to be filmed. You cannot use extra lights of any sort, and you need to stay clear of the audience and videographers.

What worked well for me was that the stage is a little higher than the normal stages.  Apart from all the action shots taken that needs perfect timing, you also need to know what the guy with the lights is up to.

On the opening night I took this photo just as the lights were dimming and only one spotlight was still on the girl.  Although very young she is the Lead Dancer of the group.

Taken with Canon 70D
Sigma Lens 50 – 150mm
ISO 1250

Used Photoshop CC to do a bit of editing, mostly burning of the floor and on the sides



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2013 01 Hein fotostrip