Website Competition Winners October 2019

Des Kleineibst - Knysna Photographic Society - Blue Ford Roadster

Congratulations to Des Kleineibst from Knysna Photographic Society

She is our October winner with the image “Blue Ford Roadster” 

I shot the photo in Moncton, Canada for Gil LeBlanc the owner of the car which is a 1933 Ford Roadster, it was his winning entry in the Axalta Coating Systems LLC USA 2019 calendar competition.


I shot the car at night in the car parking lot with the graffiti wall in the background and used bottled water to wet the ground to make it look like it had been raining earlier.

I lit the car and the background by light painting with my single IceLight2 LED light wand , the direct light penetrates the paintwork which really shows off the patina to its best ability.

The above light painting technique works as follows. I need total darkness and after setting up the camera I shoot multiple 8 – 30 second exposures, lighting different parts of the car in each shot, I shoot between 50 and 100 shots with the camera ‘’locked off’’. The shoot takes about 2 hours.

Camera used – Canon 5DsR with 24 -70 lens @f14 @ 50 ISO



Our 1st runner-up is Dries Fourie from Vereeniging Photographic Society with “Life is full of choices”

Dries Fourie - Vereeniging Photographic Society - Life is full of choices  


Our 2nd runner-up is Bennie Vivier from Tygerberg Photographic Society “Giraffe sunset”

Bennie Vivier - Tygerberg Photographic Society - Giraffe sunset


Thank you to the judges :  

CCJ Club – Mark Geldenhuys, David Benn and Anne d’Oliveira







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Frequently we do require high resolutions of these images as PSSA use them for Print Exhibitions to promote PSSA as well as showcasing the work being done around the country.

At the end of the PSSA calendar year (30 June of each year) the Website Competition Winning Image of the Year is selected.