Website Competition Winners Nov 2018

Malievan der Vyver National Photographic Club Jackal and Vulture Interaction A3

Congratulations to Malie van der Vyver from National Photographic Club

She is our November winner with the image “Jackal and Vulture Interaction”

I was fortunate to witness and photograph the interaction between a jackal and vultures. They were fighting to have the scraps of a carcass. The jackal did not want the vultures to have any piece of the action and defended the scraps time and time again. However, the vultures were just too many and at the end of the day, he had to surrender to the multitude of vultures.

Taken with a Canon 1D X Mark II with the 100-400mm lens at 182mm, f 7.1, shutter speed 1/1600.



Our 1st runner-up is Aubrey Siebert from Southern Suburbs Camera Club with “Uri”

Aubrey Siebert Southern Suburbs Camera Club Uri 


Our 2nd runner-up is Neville Hein from Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging with “Dit was hitete”

NevilleHein Vanderbijlpark Fotografiese Vereniging Dit was hitete


Thank you to the judges from Camera Club of Johannesburg:  

  • Mark Geldenhuys
  • David Benn
  • Anne d’Olivera

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