Website Competition Winners June 2019


Congratulations to DR PJS JOUBERT from Kriel Foto Klub

He is our June winner with the image “RED-KNOBBED COOTS LOOKING FOR THE MOTHER”


At the right time at the right place. Early one morning at the eye level hide at Zibulo near Ogies. The two red-knobbed coot chics got tired of swimming around and went back to the nest.

They were still very interested in the other chics being fed worms and small fishes by the two parents. They jumped around but I got this shot at last.

Chics that are too persistent in asking for food are killed by the parents—I have photographic evidence.

Camera Nikon  850 lens Nikon 400mm f2.8 nikon 1.4 converter 550mm f8.0 iso 900 speed 1/2500


Our 1st runner-up is Dries Fourie from Vereeniging Photographic Society with “you or me Buddy”

Dries Fourie-Vereeniging Photographic Society-you or me Buddy 


Our 2nd runner-up is Phillip De Lange from Swartland Fotografieklub with “Cloud reflection”

Phillip De Lange-Swartland Fotografieklub-Cloud reflection


Thank you to the judges :  

Francois Venter – National Photographic Club

Nicol du Toit – Cape Town Photographic Society

Evelyn Gibson – Pretoria Photographic Society




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If your image has won the Senior or Junior club competition at your club during the month, it will be entered in either of those two competitions for the month.  PLEASE do not enter it into the Web site competition as well for obvious reasons.  Remember, it is the same judges that judge all three competitions for a particular month and having the same image in two competitions, Senior or Junior and the Web site competition will disadvantage the image. If your image does not win in the Senior or Junior Club Competition and you would like to enter it into the Web site competition, you can do so as long as it is a month or so later.

The winning image will be displayed on the home page of our Website for the duration of the month. 

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Frequently we do require high resolutions of these images as PSSA use them for Print Exhibitions to promote PSSA as well as showcasing the work being done around the country.

At the end of the PSSA calendar year (30 June of each year) the Website Competition Winning Image of the Year is selected.