Salon Catalogues


Details of how to compile a salon catalogue as well as the salon show, can be found under Hosting a Salon. A link to the revolving collection of salon catalogues has been there, it was not often utilised.

The salon catalogue is the only archival record of the event and should be compiled with that in mind.

A salon catalogue has in the digital age evolved from the printed booklet in the slide and print days to salon directors publishing their public show as their catalogue. Whilst this is a means to a common end, it must be noted that some requirements of a catalogue may be missed.

The catalogue should ideally be a PDF format which reduces hard disk space and can be read on any device. Any archive should ideally be searchable and hence that it is imperative that the catalogue is sequenced correctly, i.e. acceptances are to be sorted within their respective categories alphabetically based on the surname of the entrant.

CLICK HERE for the PSSA Google Drive site where a revolving collection of current salon catalogues are housed.

You will be able to view/download the respective catalogue.

The document format will differ between salons:

* The PDFs should open easily when you have either Microsoft Edge or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.

* Similarly all MP4s or AVI files will open on Mac and Windows PCs

* EXE files will produce a warning from your security software; this you can bypass by accepting the risk and proceed to view or download.

Should you for some reason experience a problem in accessing the collection, please take a screen print of the error and submit that to us via email to: to enable us to assist.

New catalogues should still be only sent to

Roel van Oudheusden
30 Nov 2020