PSSA Structures

The Constitution of the Society calls for the election of Directors by members of the Society.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the proper running of the Society.

The Board in turn elects the President, two Vice-Presidents and Chairperson of the Executive Committee and various other Committees.

The Executive Committee is charged with the every day running of the Society and submitting any necessary recommendation to the Board for ratification.

Members of the Executive Committee are not elected, they are appointed by the Chairperson and ratified by the Board. The Chairperson appoints the most suited person to operate each of the Divisional functions which have been allocated to them. The Chairperson also has the authority to recommend to the Board dismissal of any member of the Committee should that person not effectively perform the function which has been allocated to him or her.

The Chairperson and whole Committee resigns annually. A Chairperson is elected by the new Board after each Annual General Meeting. The then incoming Chairperson re-appoints the committee for the ensuing year as he/she sees fit.

A paid Secretary is employed by the Society to execute the various administrative duties of the Society.

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