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PSSA Calibration and Colour Management


A large portion of PSSA activities is focused around the display of images. PSSA understand the importance of consistency when displaying images. Even way back in the days when slide projection was the only way of projection, PSSA published guidelines for the measurement of the projection setup in order to ensure that slides will be projected to a standard whether displayed at home, club or during a public presentation.

With the arrival of digital projection, PSSA was one of the first photographic bodies in the world to publish digital display and projection guidelines.

With the advancement of technology, it became necessary to update the guidelines in order to ensure that photographs are displayed at its best while still maintaining a standard that will cover the old as well as some of the latest digital display technologies.

Click on the icons below to download the Calibration images as well as the PSSA Calibration and Colour Management document for 2015


PSSA Calibration Images  zip (this is a 9 MB file, give it some time to download)

PSSA Calibration and Colour Management  pdf

PSSA Projection Cheat Sheet pdf


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