Premier Club Award

This award will be presented annually to the club which, through its members submitting to South African National and International Salons, gains the highest number of points. A formula will be applied to the total a club gains so that a numerically small club stand a chance against a large club.

Trophies to be competed for are:

  • The Fuji floating trophy for slides
  • The Canon floating trophy for prints
  • The ETA floating trophy for audio visual
  • The Canon floating trophy for video


The formula used to calculate the award is as follows:

Premier Club Award Points = A + BC



A = % of PSSA members to total
B = % of PSSA trophy listed members of the club to total members of the club
C = Total of salon acceptances (one point per acceptance, regardless of merit position)
D = Number of salons in competition year.

Only clubs who are fully paid up affiliated members of PSSA (with regard to their dues and levy) will be eligible.

The individual members of each club whose names appear on the Impala Trophy listing must also be full members of PSSA before their names are detailed in the current PSSA Impala Trophy listing. However the more members of a club who are full members of PSSA the greater will be the effect on the points achieved by the club. One point per acceptance will be credited.

The achievement of any one person can only be credited to one club. Therefore if a person is member of more than one club, he / she will be called upon to nominate the club to which points will be credited. Please advise PSSA secretary in this regard for allocation purposes. No judging points will be included.

In the case of video and audio visual, a presentation made by the club which gains an award will be credited to the club.

A handicap system will be operated so that the numerically big clubs will not swamp the smaller clubs. This will be based on the formula given above.

Clubs that do not advise PSSA of their total number of members and the number of full PSSA members in their club as at 30 June each year will not be eligible.

In the event of a tie, the club whose members gain the greatest number of certificates of merit and first placing will be declared the winner.

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