Nov Club Winning Picture Senior


Haig Fourie from Vanderbijlparke Fotografiese Vereniging wins with “Subway”

While visiting the children in Perth last December we went into Perth by train to take photos of the city.

This photo was taken at the underground subway in Perth station waiting for the train to arrive. I saw that it was an ideal opportunity to try and take a slow shutter speed photo with the train moving and the people standing and waiting. I positioned my tripod behind a pillar so that the people can’t easily see that I want to take a photograph and changed my settings for slow shutter speed. The challenge was to focus on 1 person and to hope he stands “dead” still while taking the photo, getting the reflection in the train was a bonus that I only saw afterwards.

The cell phone also helped, as his attention was only on the screen.

I never expected to take a picture with so much impact for me.  It symbolizes how our lives have changed. We get so absorbed with our cell phones that life passes us by.

My settings:

F 6.3
Shutter speed 0.25s (1/4)
ISO 250
Focal Length 17mm



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