Mono League Top Ten Award

PSSA awards the top ten positions in the Mono League with a top ten badge.

PSSA MONO LEAGUE WINNER: 1st July 2012 – 30th June 2013

Overall winner: KOOT MARAIS FPSSA EPSSA APSSA(Vers) – Bloemfontein CC


PSSA MONO LEAGUE WINNER: 1st July 2011 – 30th June 2012 

Overall winner:  KOOT MARAIS APSSA (vers) FPSSA


NEW RULES – IMPALA TROPHY (including MONO) 1 July 2014
As of the next Salon year that commences 1 July 2014, PSSA Gold medals will be awarded for the top scorer in:
•  Colour Open
•  Colour Nature
•  Mono League
THE IMPALA TROPHY will be awarded to the member with the highest number of points for the three sections above combined. This will be applicable as from the 2014/2015 Impala and Salon year.
•  Colour will be unchanged and will have two sections: Open and Nature
•  Mono will be unchanged and will have one section: Open

The Diamond Rating requirements for Honours applications have been changed as follows:
*  LPSSA – No diamond rating necessary.
*  APSSA – A three diamond rating in the medium in which you are applying.  (Please note that this does not mean a total of three diamond ratings but a single three diamond rating.) Applicants already holding either a LPSSA in the same medium or an APSSA in another medium may apply directly for an APSSA.
*  FPSSA – Applicants need an APSSA to apply for a FPSSA in the same medium.

If a member holds an honour in a medium other than digital i.e. Print or AV etc., he/she can apply for an APSSA in digital.

The Diamond Cluster (750 Salon acceptances) and Mille (1000 Salon acceptances) awards will be acknowledged as EPSSA (Cls) and EPSSA (Mille) respectively.

A panel of between 15 and 25 prints is a now prerequisite for a MPSSA application, even if you qualify in the digital medium.

For diamond rating purposes the number of International Salon acceptances is limited to 50% of the total acceptances received for applications as from 01/01/2014.

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