Member Cards

New Member Cards will be issued soon to each individual PSSA member, no longer to a couple or family.

Due to unreliable postal services, clubs were asked to assist with the distribution of membership cards this year. If your membership card is not at your club, please contact

Some membership cards have been posted to individual postal addresses as they are on the system.  Had a change of address, but not updated means lost membership card. Please keep us notified in this regard.

The M000… number on the card replaces your previous membership number. Please use this new membership number when entering a salon.

Members who have joined after mid October will receive their membership cards soon – they are printed in batches from here on.

If something is not clear, do not hesitate to drop a mail in the inbox.

Thank you for supporting PSSA – it is the right thing to do!


Ria Katzke
PSSA Membership