2015 Marike Bruwer Award Competition


Competition closes 27 June 2015

This award is made in honour of Marike Bruwer. She was an active Dux PSSA member and director during her time here with us. She played a major part in an alternative and conceptual view of photography and led the way for others. Those who knew her will remember how she went forward.

Invitation to participate for 2015

We invite interested PSSA members to submit ONLY one image for consideration for this award by no later than Saturday, 27 June 2015. Please name your file as follows: yoursurname_yourname_title. Resize your image at 300 DPI and 1280px if horizontal. If vertical, restrict your vertical size to 1024px. Your output should be a jpg file compressed at +/- 10 and ensure your filesize does not exceed 600kb. Submit the jpg file. Your name must not appear on the image.

You may email your entry to:  izak@vniekerk.net

The winner will be announced at the 2015 PSSA congress in Swellendam, as this is where we would like to honour and recognise Marike’s role in photography and the award will be presented at the banquet.

I am very happy to confirm that Picture Works at Stellenbosch is again offering a prize for the winner of 2015. The contact details are:  JJ van Heerden 021 888 1500

Please note that this award is not a PSSA award, but that we would like to use the Society as a platform to award it at an appropriate event like the annual congress.

If you need more information you may contact me at the following numbers:

0828837350, or 0229218000 [w] business hours or email: izak@vniekerk.net

Interpretation guidelines for the Trophy

Please read the guidelines carefully.

Images have to communicate a personal statement about the subject, conveying a mood, emotion or other meaning which goes beyond that of an objective record.

The visual art movement originated from photography and uses the medium of photography, its various approaches and philosophies to create a more interpretive approach to photography itself. The photographic techniques, materials and processes still dominate the final image. Instead of merely capturing a realistic rendition of the subject, the photographer must aim to produce a more personal – typically more evocative or atmospheric – impression. The intention must be aesthetic [where the value lies in the beauty, rather than the scientific, commercial or journalistic].

Photographers are encouraged to explore the photographic medium and use it to communicate their own personal vision incorporating feeling, senses and imagination to the viewer. The photography is not restricted in any way, neither in subject matter or manipulation during the taking or reproduction stages of the photography.

Judges will be: Diane Skinner (APSSA) from Canada, Izak van Niekerk (FPSSA), South Africa, Antenie Carstens (FPSSA, ARPS) South Africa and Johan Kloppers (FPSSA) South Africa.

Antenie Carstens (FPSSA; ARPS,) Izak van Niekerk (FPSSA)
March 2015


Last year’s winner was Francina Swart with “At a gallop” with first runner up Hanli Smit with “Ghost of Magritte” and second runner up Alicia Greyling with “Creatures of the dark”.

You can download a slideshow with all the Marike Bruwer 2014 entries and winners from dropbox
by clicking here.  Be mindful of the rather large file size – it will take some time to download.


2014 WINNER:  Francina Swart with “At a gallop”

Francina Swart At a gallop


2014 1ST RUNNER UP:  Hanli Smit with “Ghost of Magritte”

Hanli Smit Ghost of Magritte


2014 2ND RUNNER UP:  Alicia Greyling with “Creatures of the dark”

Alicia Greyling Creatures of the dark

Judges’ comments:

It is a couple of years now since we have said farewell to Marike – and yet, the entries for the “Marike Bruwer Award”, still increase every year. I have experienced more creativity in the work than ever before. The mere use of filters is on the decline. Many hours of post processing is noticed, and with great success. It will always be a great achievement to “win” this annual award, and this year, there are a couple of winners. I am not a fan of remote judging, and would always want to hear and get the opinions of other judges on “why” and so forth. Unfortunately, in the case of this award, the judges, who are Marike’s friends, are all scattered, and judging cannot be done as a group together.
Izak van Niekerk (South Africa)

I was surprised to see so many entries this year. The quality overall was also very high. Some really outstanding images showed the beauty and feeling of visual arts.
My honest feeling is that, had Marike Bruwer still been with us today she would have been very proud to have her name linked to this competition.
This is a wonderful way of remembering Marike whose love and passion was photography. May this competition still go from strength to strength and may we never forget who Marike Bruwer really was.
Johan Kloppers (South Africa)

I would first like to say that I was quite impressed with the quality and the number of images submitted this year. It seems to me there were quite a few more images entered this year compared to previous ones which in a way continues to keep Marike`s memory alive as I still often think of her and her influence on creative
photography. She certainly was an avant-gardiste, wiser beyond her years!
Diane Skinner (Canada)

It was good to see an increase in the number of entries in honour of Marike. I do feel however that more attention must be given by entrants to the briefing or definition of the category. Although we do not like to “disqualify” images as such, some did not fit very well in a visual art category. Even so, there were enough images to make this year’s event a success allowing the participants to maximise their creativity. Congratulations to the winners!
Antenie Carstens (South Africa)

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