March Club Winning Picture Junior



Andrew Roos from Ermelo Fotoklub wins with “Dance Motion”

I recently got myself a set of studio strobes and decided to try out “second curtain” flash.

This photo can be considered a “Long exposure” because the shutter speed I used was between 2.5 sec and 1.6 sec – depending on how long the dance moves took. I was lucky enough to have a friend who is a good dancer and willing to do the physical work for this experiment. It can take a couple of runs to get the timing right.

This is a shot that needs to be taken on a tripod. After roughly planning the composition, I marked the spot for her to begin the movement and then to continue to the spot for her to do the jump. I pre-focussed on that spot. Two sets of lights were used to create the “slow motion” effect. For the motion effect I used fluorescent lights.

Everything needs to be carefully planned and timed. After hitting the trigger it takes 2 seconds and then the studio strobes flashes (Second Curtain). Hopefully in time to freeze the motion of the jump.

Canon 5D MarkIII
Canon 17-40 mm f4 (wide)
ISO 160
Shutter speed 1.6 sec
F 13
Fluorescent lights
Studio strobes


2013 01 Hein fotostrip


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