Laetitia Kenny

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Laetitia Kenny’s passion for the arts can be appreciated when looking at her photographic work.

Specialising in portraiture and fine art photography she has achieved much success in her preferred genres. From darkroom photography to extreme Photoshop manipulation she has dabbled in all aspects of photography. This combined with her vast knowledge of fine arts has provided her with an incredible foundation on which to grow as a photographer.

Some of her major achievements include winning the Impala Trophy three consecutive years and being awarded numerous gold medals in National and International Salons. Her titles include EPSSA, MPSSA and FPSSA.

Laetitia will be sharing her knowledge on the science and technique of portraiture photography at the PSSA National Congress 2016 in the form of a formal lecture accompanied with visuals of her works, old and new.


Some of Laetitia’s images below

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