Koot Marais



Koot joined the Bloemfontein Camera Club in 1987, and is still an active member. He holds the highest star rating, namely Galaxy, and still consistently enters at the club as he believes this is an important opportunity to test his work and ensure that his processing is of acceptable standard.

He served on the committee of the club and has been president of the club on a number of occasions.

He holds the highest photographic honour, namely a MPSSA but also the following honours:

• APSSA – Colour Slides
• APSSA – Black & White Prints (Conventional Prints)
• APSSA – Colour Prints
• APSSA (Vers)
• FPSSA – Colour Slides
• EPSSA (Mille) – Digital Photography

Koot actively participated in salons for many years and consistently finished in the top 5 of the Impala Trophy during both the slide and digital era.

He was the winner of the Mono League for two consecutive years and won the Impala Trophy for three consecutive years.

He regularly judges salons and other competitions and often lectures at congresses, academic institutions and at other organisations. His photographs have been published in various publications.

He has been a member of the PSSA Honours Judging Panel since its inception

Koot’s is active in and enjoys all genres of photography and his main strength is his versatility

Below a gallery of Koot’s images

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T20d 120909 4287 copy
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W9 200214 0020
Cistern copy
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W1 170815 0220
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T21b 140919 0108
T24 160923 0162
W10 211208 0004
T12e 100928 2696 copy
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