Jeff Morris is the chairperson of the only AV Club in South Africa, AV Makers South Africa, and can be contacted here via email.

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Some of the aims for the AV Division is to:

1.   Give notification of AV Salons – National and International – including results of successful participants from South Africa – information will be published on the PSSA website

2.   Jeff hosts AV Workshops and it is the intention to present this to as many clubs as possible to get more people involved in this medium.  Additionally workshops should ideally be extended by AV makers from other parts of the country by AV workers in other regions

3.   Encourage participation via membership in the AV Makers of South Africa club

4.   Create a forum for discussion between AV workers throughout the country

5.   Post any new information regarding amendments to the standards and rules either Nationally or Internationally to the PSSA website

6.   Presently the number of active AV makers is relatively small but it is the intention to promote this as another medium for inclusion at clubs

Many PSSA and club members have images that lie fallow in folders. These could be used to create a delightful presentation of interest to others who enjoy watching an audio visual rather than scrolling through random images from the photographer. 

Also if you are already a member of AV Makers South Africa, please try and encourage other members of your photographic clubs to enter into this wonderful medium and make it part of club evenings once or twice in the year.

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