International Affiliations

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One of the benefits of being a member of PSSA is our network of International Affiliations enabling members to keep in touch with the international photographic community.

In order to keep these affiliations active we have representatives within all the major international photographic communities to assist our members and those from the International community in their photographic endeavors.

If at any time you would like information regarding the relevant societies you need look no further than our PSSA representatives:

  • FIAP – The International Federation of Photographic Art – Jill Sneesby
  • PSA – The Photographic Society of America – Evelyn Gibson
  • CAPA– Canadian Association of Art Photographers – Hannelie Swanepoel
  • APS – Australian Photographic Society – Johan Botha
  • CPA – China Photographers Association – Johann van der Walt

The (PSA) Photographic Society of America offers its members lots of opportunities. Take a look at their website, which is at present being revamped.

Interesting tabs are Education which for Members is free – with some interesting and good courses.

Portfolio Distinctions similar to PSSA Honours, Exhibitions, what we call Salons and Stars/ROPA, recognition for Exhibition/Salon acceptances.

Also you receive once a month a digital Journal which gives lots of information.

For further information please feel free to contact me as the PSA Liaison Officer for South Africa at