Hougaard Malan



I am a professional landscape photographer from South Africa with a passion for capturing compelling images of nature. My early days in photography were spent shooting the amazing scenery of Cape Town and it’s surrounding landscapes, but I’ve travelled and photographed most of Southern Africa’s greatest landscapes over the past decade. Since my first photo-trip to Namibia I’ve returned countless times to capture it’s desert scenery and it’s starting to feel like my 2nd home.

While Southern Africa has vast geographical diversity and photographic potential, there are many amazing landscapes on other continents and I try to visit a new place every year. This year I visited Iceland for the first time and returned to the mountains of Patagonia to lead a workshop there. I will be showing many of the fantastic images captured on these trips in my talk at the Congress.

My images have been published in all imaginable media across the world. My clients include brands like FNB, SAMSUNG, WWF, NATGEO, KLM AIRLINES and EUROPCAR to name a few.

I also have an online shop dedicated to the very best of photographic accessories. These products will be on show every day at the congress from 8:00-11:00 and there will be special discounts for all congress attendees. The world’s best tripods, backpacks and filter systems will be there for everyone to have a look at and play around with.

I will also be leading small workshops during the course of the congress. All details will be announced at the opening talk of the congress.

Hougaard Malan




email:  info@hougaardmalan.com