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Congratulations to our latest Honours recipients, your hard work has paid off and you can now use your honours after your name as recognition of a worthy achievement.

Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for the results to be announced, I know that it was a long wait.

A very big thank you to our judges who judged under very difficult conditions. As it is most important that judging of the digital panels is done on a correctly calibrated projection system we held two live sessions – one in Bloemfontein, with Koot Marais, Nico Smit & Francois van der Watt judging, ably assisted by Quintin Terblanche on the computer and one in Vanderbijlpark, with Martin Barber, Johan Brits, Dirk Heyns, Laetitia Kenny, Christiaan Kotze and Francois Roux judging and ably assisted by Jannie de Beer on the computer where strict social distancing was observed. We then held a zoom meeting to discuss the panels and were joined here by Evelyn Gibson.

Audio Visual judging was done individually on correctly calibrated and, where possible, with large projection facilities, by myself, Anne d’Oliveira, Adri van Oudheusden, Chris Daly, Paul Rixom, Wayne Webb and Johann van der Walt in China! Following the individual judging we also had a zoom meeting to discuss all the applications. Live individual feedback is going to be given by one of the judges to each of the unsuccessful AV applicants.

If any of you are eligible for a (Vers) award please do let me know so that we can add you to the Honours list. In order to achieve a (Vers) award you need to have three Honours at the same level and if they are in the same medium then they have to be in different categories. Proof sheets of all three panels have to be sent to me.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Hon MPSSA, FPSSA(Dux), MFIAP
Honours Chair


(Click on the names below to open the panels where it is relevant)


Doreen Blignaut  LPSSA - Digital Colour 
Hannes Bronkhorst LPSSA - Digital Colour
Elizabeth Cook LPSSA - Digital Colour
Nicol du Toit LPSSA - Digital Colour
Johan Drotsky LPSSA - Digital Colour
Joan Fouche LPSSA - Digital Colour
Nico Hattingh LPSSA - Digital Colour
Frans Lombard LPSSA - Digital Colour
Craig Morgan LPSSA - Digital Colour
Chris Nel LPSSA - Digital Colour
Johan Orton LPSSA - Digital Colour
Anette Reimers LPSSA - Digital Colour
Francois Roux LPSSA - AV
Danie Smit LPSSA - Digital Colour
Christine Theron LPSSA - Digital Colour
Des van Tonder LPSSA - Digital Colour
Verinda Bosch APSSA - Digital Colour
Stephen Burgstahler APSSA - Digital Colour
Hestie Das Neves APSSA - Digital Colour
Russel James APSSA - Digital Colour
Sue Jewell APSSA - Digital Colour
Johan Kloppers APSSA - Prints Colour
Helouise Mulder APSSA - Digital Colour
Wouter Serfontein APSSA - Digital Colour
Ian Taylor APSSA - Digital Colour
Efraim van der Walt APSSA - Digital Colour
Leon Venter APSSA - Digital Colour
Pieter Venter APSSA - Digital Mono
Coralie Fourie FPSSA - Digital Mono
Charmaine Joubert FPSSA - Digital Colour
Kim Stevens FPSSA - Prints Colour

Pieter Venter APSSA (Vers) & APSSA Mono

Sue Jewell APSSA (Vers) & APSSA Colour

Helen Wilkins Hon FPSSA

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