Congratulations to all our new Honours Holders, your hard work has paid off and now you can use the Honours letters after your name with pride. The successful digital and audio visual applications are published alphabetically (on surname) below.

Click here for a full list of results.  All successful applications will be showcased at the 2018 Congress in Port Elizabeth.

Five authors achieved the Honours of EPSSA.  Congratulations to them all!

The EPSSA is an Honour awarded in recognition of salon acceptances, both national and international, therefore you won't see a panel of images either. Any member who achieves salon acceptances can start the climb towards the EPSSA - we all start with 1 Diamond Rating and progress upwards.

The EPSSA is awarded for achieving 500 acceptances in digital or 96 acceptances in AV (min 32 AVs). Applicants in prints would have had to have achieved 320 acceptances.

The EPSSA (Cls) is awarded for achieving 750 acceptances in digital, 150 in AV (min 50 AVs) and 480 acceptances in prints.

The EPSSA (Mille) is awarded for achieving 1000 acceptances in digital, 240 in AV (min 80 AVs) and 640 acceptances in prints.

No image may count for more than 3 acceptances and no more than 50% of your acceptances may be achieved on overseas salons.
EPSSA Achievers
Willie Labuschagne EPSSA
Jenny Stilwell EPSSA (Cls)
Malie van der Vyver EPSSA (Cls)
Treurnicht du Toit EPSSA (Mille)
Aubrey Siebert EPSSA (Mille)


For the rest of the Honours below you can click on the authors' names (in green) to view their panels.

Once you see the panel, click on the first thumbnail and wait to watch the entire panel as a slideshow or click on each individual image and go at your own pace. 


Dirk Heyns - AFO Fotografieklub
Geo Jooste - Bloemfontein Kameraklub
Dewald Tromp - Midlens Fotoklub


Luana Laubscher - Knysna Photographic Society (only posters of AVs available) 

APSSA Colour

Malcolm Barnard - Southern Suburbs Camera Club
Dino Bottega - Edenvale Photographic Society


Johan Frost - Midlens Fotoklub
James Haxton - Sandton Photographic Society
Charmaine Joubert - PE Camera Club
Joy Mullin - Amber Camera Club
Alta Oosthuizen - Pretoria Photographic Society
Elsa van Dyk - Harties Fotografie Studiegroep


Denise Preiss   (only posters of AVs available)

LPSSA Colour

Verinda Bosch - Eden Photographic Society
Ian Crook - Nelspruit Photographic Society


Dries Beetge - AFO Photographic Society
Hanno (JC) de Beer - Sasol Highveld Photography Club
Simon Fletcher - Rustenburg Photographic Society
Shirley Gillitt - Westville Camera Club
Willie Henegan - Westville Camera Club
Leon Jacobs - Vereeniging Photographic Society
Russel James - Southern Suburbs Camera Club
Alex Kotze - Southern Suburbs Camera Club
Antoinette Morkel - Uitenhage Camera Club
Julia Mukheibir - PE Camera Club
Nellie Tromp - Midlens Fotoklub
Pauline van der Spuy - Midrand Camera Club


Bertie Price - Maritzburg Camera Club
Alet Visagie - Kriel Camera Club


Xiaoyi Chen - Sandton Photographic Society
De Wet Uys - George Camera Club


Due to popular demand we are once again allowing members to submit more than one application at a time. This might change if we receive too may applications so please be sure to always check the latest Rules & Regulations, as found on the website. This is true not only for the number of panels allowed but also for any other requirements - don't rely on old documents - always check the website for the latest.

In today's world we all tend to want to do everything too quickly and Honours applications are no exceptions - so a few words of advice:

  • Ask for advice from members who have experience in the honours process, whether they are honours judges or applicants - experience does help.
  • Unless you have plenty of honours standard images it is not a good idea to apply for more than one Honour at a time as you might spread your images too thinly over a variety of applications. 
  • Don't bypass the LPSSA unless you are really confident that you work is up to APSSA standard - remember that the difference between the different levels of application is not just an increase in the number of images. Be sure that you have reached the higher level before applying.
  • The same is true when moving on to a higher honour - the judges are not just looking for more of the same.

A number of applicants would have been disappointed that they did not get the minimum number of credits to allow them to continue and are no doubt threatening to give up. The reason we have a minimum requirement is actually to save you disappointment when after 4 attempts you still haven't succeeded. This way you have time to regroup, consider those images that were successful and work towards more of that standard.

It is hard work but it is all worth it when you get that welcome email.

This time round we introduced audio feedback which worked well for some but not for others - it is definitely the way for us to go so a big thank you to Johann van der Walt for programming it into TOP. Thank you also to Elsa Brits, I am sorry to say we are making you redundant, you have been a great help typing in all the comments, thank you.

Thank you also to the whole Honours team for all their hard work.



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