2017 Hogsback Cape Photographers Regional Congress

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The East London Photographic Society invites you to
30 APRIL TO 3 MAY 2017

The 2017 Cape Photographers Regional Congress will be hosted by EAST LONDON PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY
in the magical town of Hogsback from 30 April to 3rd May 2017.

Delegates can look forward to a congress in the spirit of the Cape Photographers in a really unique venue.

Who can forget the congress of 2004? Top class speakers will keep us spellbound sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.

Sufficient time will give delegates the opportunity to take advantage of the many photo treasures that abound at Hogsback.

Basil Holt describes the Hogsback region as follows: “The glories of the Tyhume region in scenery and story could be described only in a book of poetry… Here the great curve of the Amathole Range holds in its embrace the valley of grace and beauty, equalled in few other places and excelled by none in South Africa”.

MMS Ballantyne describes Hogsback as “an earthly paradise of forest-clad mountains, grassy uplands and singing streams, a veritable haven of peace”. Lots of additional information can be found at www.hogsbackinfo.co.za. Save the above date, you will not regret it.


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Hogsback is a small but widespread village on top of the plateau when driving inland from the coast. Altitude ranging between 1300 and 1400 meters with the highest point being Gaika’s Kop at well over 1500 meter. Erven/plots are large, ranging from about 1 hectare to more than 10 hectares. The total area occupied by the town is therefore quite large. The distance from entering the town to leaving it again is about 6 to 7 kilometer. Population about 700 – 800 maximum.

Roads are rough and not always in good condition. Although one can drive the streets with all types of vehicles, except very low slung ones, if you have a choice, a bakkie with fairly high clearance is advisable.

The town has 3 hotels, several restaurants, a Foodzone shop and numerous self catering and B&B facilities (www.hogsbackinfo.co.za).



The climate during the time of the congress should be quite mild but due to the altitude, evenings may become quite chilly and delegates are advised to bring warm clothes. Hogsback lies in a summer rainfall area but due to the high rainfall it may rain at any given time. Average rainfall is in the region of 1300 to 1400 mm but as high as 2000 mm per year has been recorded.



The area abounds with photographic opportunities and the autumn colours during the time of the congress may be quite magnificent. There are a few sizeable waterfalls and many small ones. Flowers are present at all times of the year.


Watch this Youtube video below by Edwin Watson.  It shows you the surroundings.

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And this is another Youtube video (NO SOUND) by Elsa Steyn on the Arboretum, just to wet your appetite a little!

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Main Road Hogsback 5721 Eastern Cape South Africa Tel: (045)-9621006 Fax: (045)-9621015 or contact them on hotel@hogsbackinn.co.za


For a Map of Hogsback village click on this icon pdf

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Presentations at Hogsback

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For additional information, please contact the Congress Organiser, Terry Smit at 082 822 6534

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