From the PRO – Sep 2015

Evelyn BW


Dear Member


It is great to be back in the PRO position again and I look forward to being of service to PSSA and its members in every way that I can. Please feel free at anytime to contact me for assistance through my email address.

The Club Winning Images and the Web Site Competitions continue to be very encouraging and allow us all to view the work being done throughout the country. We really would like to encourage more clubs to participate in the Club Winning Images Competition and for our members to participate in the Web Site Competition. This month the winners were all first time winners and it was heartwarming to hear how excited and encouraged they were when notified that they had won – this is very motivational for all of us in the Society. The 2015 PSSA Annual Winners of these and other competitions have been published here, click here to have a look!  Also do not miss the Marike Bruwer finalists and winners slideshow on youtube!

Please just remember to appoint one person in your Club to upload the winning images into Photovault as it becomes difficult when the author and the appointed person in the Club both enter the images. THANK YOU.

Also when changes take place with new Chairpersons being appointed, please make sure that the Webmaster, the Membership Division and PRO are kept up to date on these changes.

Thank you. I look forward to working with the Clubs and our members again in making PSSA a Society to be proud of.

Public Relations Officer


2013 01 Hein fotostrip

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