From the PRO – Oct 2016

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Dear Member

Can you believe it is October already. I am sure we are all looking forward to our Clubs’ EOY functions plus all the other EOY functions that start to take place at this time of the year.

Congress is well and truly done and dusted and I am sure the Organising Committee are now relaxing and wallowing in the success that it was. Please see all the images on our web site under the banner CONGRESS FEEDBACK. These images will bring back the lovely memories, the fun and joy that we all had as well as many new learnings for us all.

Our AGM and Forum was very constructive and thank you to all our members who participated in these events and contributed to the meaningful and constructive feedback of our Society. As said many times the Society belongs to you as members and cognisance is being taken of all the matters raised there.


I am going to concentrate a bit more this month on these competitions so that we can streamline them for all concerned with regard the submitting thru photovault, the administration and of course the publishing on our web site.

As always we have once again experienced some wonderful images in the three competitions and the judges, once again overwhelmed by them and also their feelings of the privilege it was to judge them.

As Club Chairperson of your club you will be getting an email from your Regional Director in connection with the entering of the images every month plus also to PLEASE keep encouraging the clubs to enter these competitiions. You will see the latest stats on our web site that since July (which is the beginning of the new year for these competitions), the entries are going up slowly.

To eliminate double entries happening in the Club Winners competition, we are asking for the name and email address of the delegated person in your club who enters them in Photovault – Johann v.d. Walt is working on this to streamline the method even further than it already is. From the end of October an Individual will not be able to enter, all will have to be done through your Club Group Account, hence the reason we are asking for the name and email address of your delegated person in the club. Also PLEASE use the drop down menu when entering to make sure it is your club name that is there and not left as INDEPENDENT.

PLEASE also if you are a member of two clubs try not to put in the same images each month into your two clubs because as you can imagine if the image is a winner, you, as the author would need to decide which club you wished it to go under when published and also for the EOY competition. Also if your image is a winner at your club, PLEASE also do not enter it into the Web Site competition in the same month.

Also PLEASE remember you can only enter the Web Site Competition if you are a member of PSSA. Winning in your club with your image is different as your Club is affiliated to PSSA.

So many PLEASES this month in this regard and I apologise for this but I know how much you, as a member, as Chairperson of your Club really appreciate the feedback and what honour it is to see your clubs’ images published on our web site.


PSSA continues and will continue to give back to its members in as many ways as it possibly can. Examples to date are that we sponsor the entries into the FIAP competitions that happen every year. We push for discounts in many overseas Salons, especially the Circuits to encourage and assist our members, as we know that our members need so many acceptances to get certain promotions and also to gain the different levels in diamond ratings, which in turn contributes to your applications for Honours. The printing and exhibiting of the up and coming Exhibition between the cities (three from China) and of course Johannesburg.

As always we do appreciate feedback from our members in all aspects of photography when and where we can be seen to be continuing in this vein.


The Magazine (the last one for this year), will be going to print soon and we really would appreciate, after it is announced that it has been posted, that you contact our Secretary Ria, if you do not receive it within 14 days.


PSSA is continuing to look for a Marketing person, please if you would be interested in doing this job, or know of someone who would, please contact us. It is a very important Portfolio within our Society. THANK YOU.

To sum all up for this month let us say that the more varied the input we get, the more unexpected the combinations and the more creative the ideas.

As Steve Jobs said “The broader our understanding of human experience, the more dots we will have to connect, the more creative our ideas will be”

They say creative thinking is ONE+ONE=THREE