From the PRO – Jan 2017

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Evelyn Gibson
Public Relations Officer
Photographic Society of South Africa

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Compliments of the Season to you and your family for the year ahead. I hope you have a great 2017.

I hope you all had a good break and are back into your normal routine, hard as it can be at times. These New Year Resolutions that you made, I sincerely hope you are keeping them going and one of them was your particiation in all PSSA competitions and events in this coming year.

As PRO it is my job to communicate and maintain relationships with our members in our Organisation. A very satisfying job all round, I must say, as we enjoy as always hearing from you, whether it be positive/negative or constructive feedback, it is the way forward for us all to grow.

Promoting the Organisation through our web site, through our Magazine, through Social Media and through the monthly Newsletter is always a plus for any Organisation. We do hope you all enjoy the contents of all this media. Communication, adaptability and change is the norm in all Organisations.


As always an inspiration for all to see the work being done around the country, this was mentioned to me as I write this newsletter, by the judges and by one of the winners this month.

This month you will see on our web site that we are now including the WINNER as well as 1st and 2nd Runners-up in each competition as well as the Scoresheet for the Web Site Image Competition (this we have never done before). The Club Winner scores, as always can be viewed on the Stats sheet on our web site. It was felt that this is a further way to motivate our members to participate in these Competitions.

Just a friendly reminder that February when entering the Club Winners, only the delegated person will be allowed to do so.  Photovault has now been set up accordingly but please feel free to contact me for assistance in this regard.

CONGRATULATIONS as always to our winners and runner-up images.


All information is on our web site but the PSSA National Salon closes on 25th February and it is for members only and it is FREE. Please just remember the sizing of your images for this is 2400 on the longest side. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

PSSA UP AND COMING SALON – 1-3 Star – also free for our members. – 29 April.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to continually check our web site as there are continous updates on a regular basis.


As mentioned previously Leon Jacobs is the Chairperson of the Marketing Division.  We would really appreciate if your Region or your Club gets some sponsorships, however big or small, that you copy Leon in your thank you letters. This is to help the Marketing division to be aware of the sponsorships etc., that our clubs and regions are receiving. Leon’s email adddress is If you hear of any possible sponsorships, please contact Leon. THANK YOU, this would be appreciated.


Final arrangements are now in the pipeline and all will be communicated to you very very shortly.


This is the last reminder for our members who still have not paid to PLEASE pay ASAP. Please contact our membership Secretary Ria with any queries –

Elvis Presley once said “I don’t want to see anymore empty seats in any of my shows”. We would love to see more seats being filled by you as members, as well as enlarging our database with lots of new members, young and old. Our membership has gone down slightly and we really want it to come back up this year and we depend on you as members to encourage this at your clubs.


Our Magazine is at the printers as I write my newsletter, you can expect it middle to end of February. Once again lots of photographic information and tutorials to browse through and take your time to digest it all.

I will continue to communicate with the Chairpersons of all the Clubs as I did in December, just as my predecessor did, as this had a very positive effect in many ways and some very good positive feedback was given to me plus some queries which as always I direct to the correct person, if I cannot answer it.

Keep on shooting, focussing and pressing that shutter button. Photography is a great hobby and to view and experience all your images, in the salons, on our FB page and in our Magazine, is an inspiration to all of us.

Best wishes.