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Dear Member

December already – where has the year gone?

Traditionally, for many, this is a period of reflection, time with family and friends, spending holidays at our favourite places whether here in South Africa or in far away places filled with lovely memories.

The Board of PSSA wishes all its members a joyous time over the festive season and may all your reflections, dreams and wishes come true.

Some buzz words floating around in the Society at the moment are, Salons, Competitions, Congresses, Magazine, Marketing and Recruiting of New Members.  All positive and pro-active aspects of our Society.  We would really love you all to perhaps have some reflections on these buzz words and PLEASE send me your ideas, comments and suggestions as that is what the Society is here for to listen to its members.


Congratulations as always to the winners, once again some stunning images.   Please remember to appoint one person from your club to enter the Club Winners.   Also with the Web Site Image Competition, please remember to put your club in and don’t leave it as Independent.  Also if you are member of two or three clubs and your image wins, it can only be entered under one club, the author or the Club must make their choice in this regard.

No Competitions in December for the Club Winners and the Web Image Competition but you can enter double entries in January –  Photovault is already open for this.


Congratulations to those whose images received a Diploma of Appreciation in the 1st FIAP IN MY HEART FOREVER 2015 Competition.  You can view the images here.

INTERNATIONAL SALON 4th Digital Circuit Miroc 2015

This salon closes on the 20th December.   Follow this link for all the information and also contact for further information on the discount for South Africans.


Please remember to get your Honours Panels in by the 25th January, 2016.    Good luck to all our members submitting or continuing with their applications.


We do have new stock of the PSSA clothing and further information will be given on this in the new year.


JAP workshops will continue in the new year with the first one being held in Northern Gauteng on 23/24th January.   Contact your Regional Director for further information.


International Year of Light Competition – the Winners and the showing of the AVs will be held at Outdoor Photo, Pretoria on 18 December at 3.00 p.m.   Click here for more information.


Image, at time of going to press it is being printed and will be posted during the 1st and 2nd week of December.  To ensure that your details are always up to date, change of address, change of email address etc., you MUST inform our Membership Secretary Ria Katzke at

Lots of information to reflect on during the festive and holiday season.  Travel safe if going away, relax and come back with your batteries re-charged for all the challenges in 2016.

I leave you with a quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson – “For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity”.

Best wishes

Public Relations Officer


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