Francois Roux


I officially joined amateur photography in 1982 when I joined the Vanderbijlparkse Fotografiese Vereniging.  I still participate very actively at my club.

I joined PSSA later the same year.

At club level, because we did, and still do a lot of in-house judging, I have been exposed to judging from a very early stage.

I have now been an active photographer for the past 39 years.

I achieved my APSSA (Slides), in 1995.

I was, for the first time, invited as an honours judge shortly after. I have since been actively involved in honours judging as a judge, and also in the administration as the co-organiser for the judging sessions for more than 20 years.

I do regard myself as a fairly versatile photographer. I believe my Honours achievements illustrate that:

APSSA (1995) (slides) – open (pictorial)
FPSSA ( 2004) (slides) – specialist sport
APSSA ( 2006) (digital) – specialist nature
FPSSA (2009) (digital) – specialist landscape
AFIAP (2011) with pictorial and nature acceptances at International Salons.
MPSSA (2013)- Presentation on landscape photography.
EPSSA (Mille) (2021)
I have been active on the salon scene since 1983 (slides), and since PSSA introduced digital salons in 2004, my first digital salon participation was the Hermanus salon in October 2005. I achieved a number of 10 awards on the Impala log, and still participate in salons on a regular basis.

I have been involved with the PSSA JAP programme since the start in 2009. I have been involved in the development of the programme together with Jill, Barrie, Johann vd Walt and others. I have also been one of the presenters. We have presented the programme across SA over 10 years now. It is important to note that the JAP programme is a task never completed; development is taking place all the time with inputs from many of our members at a continuous basis. This is incorporated by us on a continuous basis as I also keep learning every day.

Below a gallery of Francois’s images

male lion portrait
tsolekile skoongeboul
wit huisie
rooibok geveg
bloekoms met herfs
sonstrale oor de doorns
Straatvee Silhouet
kerkie teen bult
horse handler
bloekoms en wolke
op pad water toe
Surf In Circle
fox mom and cubs
rubber duck s10
stroom met mos
kyk in die verte
sandsteen deur venster
tuks hoogspring
boom skildery
Retiefspas Stroois P
boot in die mis