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How does this competition work?

The Four Nations is an annual competition run between Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. The hosting of the competition changes each year in alphabetic sequence of the country name. Only a member of each Society may enter. In total there are 80 images – 35 Open Category: 15 – Nature: 15 – Monochrome: 15 – Our Country. No more than one image per Society member is permitted. The PSSA National Salon is run each year from which the entries for this competition are drawn from the top images in the categories mentioned.


A 4 Nations Gold medal for the top image in each category is awarded from the host country and up to three 4 Nations Honourable Mentions are awarded (e-Certificate) per category to the individual Society member. For the Society that wins the competition, cumulative of the four categories, an e-Certificate is awarded. The host Society determines the winner of this award by totalling the scores supplied by the judges for each image.


The host country selects three judges from around the world – not from within any of the four countries.


The results are announced at the PSSA National Congress during the PSSA Showcase held at the congress.

Competition Convenor

Jill Sneesby

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