Dreams & Memories Exhibition

dreams and memories exhibition

The Deputy Director of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles responsible for Photography will be opening this very interesting exhibition.

This exhibition is very different from most other Chinese photographic exhibitions as it does not show any specific Chinese landmarks or celebrate any important Chinese events, but rather just show the social changes that took place in the daily lives of the people because of the social and economic upliftment that took place since 1978.

As member countries of BRICS, China and South Africa have formed closer bilateral relations in recent years, driven by their continued exchanges in economy, trade, cultural and other areas. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between us and China and with the comprehensive and rapid development of South Africa / China relations, it is hoped that this exhibition can promote the understanding of our cultures and also deepen the friendship between us.

I would be highly appreciated if members of PSSA could show their support by attending the opening ceremony of this exhibition. We hope to see representatives from all the clubs in the greater Gauteng area at the opening ceremony.

Any specific queries in this regard may be directed to Johann van der Walt.

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